Kala KA-ABP8-CTG 8 String Solid Cedar Top Baritone Slothead

Kala KA-ABP8-CTG 8 String Solid Cedar Top Baritone Slothead

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Multi stringed instruments, like this 8 string baritone, are often looked at as "harder to play". They do take a bit longer to tune, but when built and setup correctly they are a joy to play. Certain aspects, like smooth strumming, can even be easier. This new model from Kala is not only very "playable", but it has a gorgeous deep tone as well that we really like. Take a listen as Kalei gives us a raw sound sound sample of this unique and beautiful instrument.

On top of sounding fantastic, the woods are beautiful! Warm tones of western red cedar and acacia are framed of with the seductive Padauk binding and shown off with a thin, glassy finish. The padauk bound fretboard and slotted headstock add to the classy, yet natural style this model has. An incredible new baritone from Kala Brand Music Company! 

The Baritone ukulele is the same tuning as the high four strings on a guitar, DGBE. The standard ukulele GCEA tuning doesn't do this, and vise versa. Both GCEA and DGBE are the same intervals in different keys so the same shapes will apply. But you'll find it leads you into different styles of play. This ukulele has the unique 8 string with a high D and low D, high G and Low G, and unison doubled B and E. What you get is something that fills the room with amazing sounds.   

We truly set up each instrument to ensure you get the absolute best for your money! This includes Saddle and Nut heights, Fret work (usually planing or "dressing"), intonation checks, and a thorough inspection for cosmetic flaw. This is crucial for this middle price range where you can really get close to a high end feel from our work. No one is more qualified than our crew to do these final adjustments, and unlike your normal retail shop, we aren't afraid to dig in and do some real work for our customers! And always, we are dedicated to giving you honest and expert service and advice!

Additional Information

Kala KA-ABP-CTG Solid Cedar Top Baritone Slothead

  • SIZE: Baritone 8 String
  • TOP: Solid Cedar
  • BACK & SIDES: Acacia
  • BINDING: Padauk
  • FINISH: Gloss
  • NECK: Mahogany
  • FINGERBOARD: Rosewood
  • NUT & SADDLE: GraphTech NuBone®
  • HEADSTOCK: Slotted
  • STRINGS: Aquila Super Nylgut®
  • Scale Length: 20.25 inches
  • Overall Instrument Length: 31.5 inches
  • Body Length: 14 inches
  • Number of frets: 19
  • Width at upper bout: 7.75 inches
  • Width at lower bout: 10.25 inches
  • Width at waist: 6.625 inches
  • Body Depth: 3.288 inches
  • Fingerboard width at nut: 1.497 inches
  • Fingerboard width at neck/body joint: 1.87 inches

When you buy this ukulele you can get a gig bag or canvas covered hard case at an additional discount.  (Not required but suggested.) The gig bag and canvas covered hard case can be seen in our cases category under the accessories tab at the top of this page. Other cases can also be chosen there. 

This ukulele has a solid top so one of the options for this ukulele is to trade out the Herco HE-360, included humidifier, for the more expensive Oasis Ukulele Humidifier (OH-18) at a discount. This is required when you have a solid wood instrument if you live in a low humidity area.(parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, etc..) or also in an area with winter seasons, especially if you are heating the air in your house. For more info refer to the ukulele care link at the bottom of this page. If you think you need to humidify the instrument, then you also need a hard case for a humidifier to properly work, and you need to maintain the humidifier by refilling it as needed. 

Put a note in the special instructions if you need to or would like to let our setup or shipping department know anything. 

After you add this instrument to your cart, you can still create your own package by adding a case or accessories from the website.

Under the accessories tab you can also customize this instrument by adding strap button(s) or a pickup installed of your choice for plugging in. 

Get a free shipping quote by after adding this to your cart. If your cart reaches $400 dollars or more, orders to the US will receive free FedEX 2 day shipping. 2 days is the time in transit, your instrument will first go through our setup department so that you get the best instrument for your money. For more information on our turnaround time, shipping, and return policies, refer to the links below at our footer.


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