Kala All Solid Mahogany Baritone (KA-SMHB)

Kala All Solid Mahogany Baritone (KA-SMHB)

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Now with a slotted headstock at the same price!

This solid mahogany line from Kala is a real throw back to the Martin ukes from the 30's to the 60's. That's a good thing! Those instruments (when in good condition) are the standard for a good, rich tone. This baritone is open and deep, but articulate, not as muddy as some baritones, and it has a slightly wider nut than some baritones giving a classical guitar string to string spacing and making it extra easy for guys with bigger hands.

The great thing about a solid wood instrument is that it gets better sounding with time and play. Within a few years a solid mahogany instrument like this one sounds noticeably better. And this one already has a vibrant sound. Take a listen here:

We truly set up each instrument to ensure you get the absolute best for your money! This includes saddle and nut heights, fret work (usually planing or "dressing"), intonation checks, and a thorough inspection for cosmetic flaw. This is crucial for this middle price range where you can really get close to a high end baritone feel from our work. No one is more qualified than our crew to do these final adjustments, and unlike your normal retail shop, we aren't afraid to dig in and do some real work for our customers! And always, we are dedicated to giving you honest and expert service and advice!

The baritone ukulele is the same tuning as the high four strings on a guitar. A 4th lower than a regular ukulele, but the shapes are all the same. The main reason you would want a baritone ukulele is because it sounds so dang good. It is significantly smaller than a guitar but still gives you a similar depth and color. The standard G C E A just does not do this, and vise versa. Both G C E A and D G B E are the same intervals but with a different key and tension. The same shapes inspire different composition. It is fun to have both a regular ukulele and a baritone ukulele. Both are equally and uniquely ukulele! :)

We always include a humidifier with solid wood instruments. This is not an option and we do not charge for it.

Additional Information
  • 20-1/4 baritone scale (distance from nut to saddle)
  • 30-3/4 overall body length
  • 13-3/4 body length
  • 7-1/2 upper bout
  • 10 lower bout
  • 6-3/8 waist
  • 2-3/4 to 3-1/4 arched-back body depth
  • 1-7/16 at nut
  • Solid mahogany top, back and sides
  • Satin finish
  • Synthetic tortoise shell binding with black and white purfling
  • 18 silver-nickel frets
  • Walnut fingerboard and bridge
  • Mahogany neck
  • Fret position markers at 5th,7th,10th and 12th frets on neck and top of fingerboard
  • Chrome die-cast tuners
  • Simulated bone nut and saddle
  • Aquila Nylgut Premium strings

Setup Options

Most people shop with us because of the extensive quality control and final setup work we provide at no extra cost on all ukuleles we ship out. However this is time consuming work and creates a delay in shipping. We are now offering an "Expedited Setup" for those wanting to receive their instrument faster. See details on the Full Setup and Expedited Setup options along with current turnaround times for each at the link- HERE.

When you buy this ukulele you can get a UkeCrazy gig bag or canvas covered hard case at an additional discount. (Not required but suggested.) The UkeCrazy gig bag and canvas-covered hardcase can be seen in our cases category under the Accessories tab at the top of this page. Other cases can also be chosen there. 

One of the options for this ukulele is to trade out the Herco HE-360 included humidifier for the more expensive Oasis Ukulele Humidifier (OH-18) at a discount. This is required if you live in a low humidity area (parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, etc.) or also areas with winter seasons, especially if you heat the air in your home. For more info refer to the Ukulele Care link at the bottom of this page. If you think you need to humidify the instrument, then you also need a hard case for a humidifier to properly work, and you need to maintain the humidifier by refilling it as needed. 

Put a note in the Special Instructions if you would like to let our setup or shipping department know anything. 

After adding this instrument to your cart, you can still create your own package by adding a case or accessories from the website.

Under the accessories tab you can also customize this instrument by adding strap button(s) or your choice of pickup for plugging in. 

Get a free shipping quote by adding this to your cart. If your cart reaches $400 dollars or more, orders to the US will receive free FedEX 2 day shipping. Two days is the time in transit, your instrument will first go through our setup department so that you get the best instrument for your money. For more information on our setup process, turnaround time, shipping, and return policies, refer to the links below in our footer.


Brand Kala
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Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

Great buy
While I didn't buy the instrument on this site, I did pick one up at the store 8 months back. It is an incredibly good instrument for the pricepoint. I would have been happy paying double if that was the offered price. It has an excellent tone and a really nice feel. If you'd like to hear it in action, you can find my instagram @ the_ukulazy. I'm very very happy with this product.
Review by Bryce / (Posted on 1/19/2017)
Pleasant surprise!
Testing the baritone waters and found this well-priced gem. Thanks to HMS for a great set up. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.
Review by Maureen / (Posted on 6/28/2014)
Very happy!
I own 4 Kalas- 3 tenors and now this delicious baritone. The sound is rich. Soft is good, loud is deep and crust. Thank you, Kala.
Review by Wooch / (Posted on 4/7/2014)
well balanced tone, quality workmanship
Like the wider fingerboard, pleasantly surprised to see a metal truss rod in the neck -( specs on Kala web site don't mention it )- nice rich mellow tone, not muddy - as always the set up is exceptional.
Review by Tom / (Posted on 2/27/2014)
An Awesome Baritone! Love it!
This was the first uke I purchased from HMS. I now own 8 ukes, but this one is still my favorite. So far I am primarily a bari girl, and since I live in the boonies, I have run into very few other baritones to compare with, but of those that I HAVE heard, mine still has the best sound. I personally find that it sounds even better with Martin 630 strings. I'm sure that one day I will have the opportunity to move on up to a higher level bari, but in the meantime I couldn't be happier with this one!!
Review by Sunny D / (Posted on 12/29/2012)
gorgeous tone
This uke is absolutely gorgeous. It sings, with a tremendous depth of musical tone owing no doubt to its being solid mahogany. Aesthetically, the mahogany is attractive, if not jaw-dropping, with a smooth lovely finish and an attractively dappled trim. But my goodness what a sound! It's really wonderful.
Review by Sylvia / (Posted on 12/24/2012)
Beautiful Surprise
I had played the spruce top and ordered through this site. But none of their spruces in stock were good enough quality for them to send (superb care & customer service that you will not find elsewhere)--so they upgraded me to this magnificent beauty and I can't stop playing it! It has such a beautiful warm tone. The work they do to prepare these little ukes before sending them out is very, eh hem instrumental to the quality of the product you get. I could've ordered the same version from a mega retailer and received it within a day--but it wouldn't have played this nice. Nor would it have come all the way from Hawaii! You can't beat it. They even put a humidifier in every shipment.
Review by Farrin / (Posted on 12/23/2012)
good service
purchased one and hawaii music supply would not send it to me because the found blemish, i was impressed with that. great service...i have one now the finish is rough but it plays well. i had to order it from a shop in the states, love it,, wish i would have purchased it thru hw music supply but their quality control was too high and i needed it asap to replace my fender
Review by goodfella987 / (Posted on 11/2/2012)

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