"Jazzing Up the Ukulele" by Fred Sokolow

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"Jazzing Up the Ukulele" by Fred Sokolow

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Learn how to do jazz chord substitution to make your accompaniment and chord soloing both jazzier and more interesting. Fred shows you how with three versions each of 7 classic jazz tunes. He provides detailed explanations of how and why the various chord variations were used.

Lots of theory and some great songs & beautiful backup and chord solos...you'll come away with more understanding of how chord progressions work!

Jazzing Up the Ukulele by Fred Sokolow is a method book/CD for uke players who want to add jazz chord substitution principles to their arrangements. Using 7 classic jazz tunes, Fred teaches this by:

  • comparing a simple chord arrangement to a jazzed-up version;
  • explaining how all the variations work; and then
  • presenting a chord/melody solo to learn for each song.

Everything is written out in uke tablature and all three versions of each song are on the included CD. Plus, the opening chapter clearly introduces the music theory that is the foundation of playing chord substitutions. 

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Songs include:

  • April Showers 
  • Avalon 
  • I'm Always Chasing Rainbows 
  • Indiana (Back Home Again in Indiana) 
  • Look for the Silver Lining 
  • Smiles 
  • Some of These Days
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