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  1. UKE LOGIC Baritone "SOFT TENSION" High/Low D (6 options)

    Uke Logic string sets are made from high quality "super fluorocarbon" aka Super-Carbon. A high-density formula of fluorocarbon that is tonally different from the average fluorocarbon ukulele string. Uke Logic string sets are available as all-plain Super-Carbon and additional options are available for players who prefer metal wound strings in combination with Super-Carbon. 

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  2. Kumu Koa Slimline Concert w/ Pickup & FX (TUX Finish 2987)

    Regular Price: $630.95

    Special Price: $445.00

    Pictures show the exact instrument available here. 

    This is a new model koa concert in from Kumu, a line from our friends at Leolani. We've carried their ukes in the store for over a decade now in the store, and they keep getting better and better! So we are now offering them here on the website for all of you to experience these excellent instruments with our specialty service, the Gold Standard in Ukulele Setup. This concert has a slimmer body which makes it easy to reach around. And even with the slender body, it has a sweet tone we think you'll love. 

    Features include high-quality Hawaiian laminate koa over mahogany, real abalone, and fitted with a bone nut and saddle. The "TUX" finish is a smooth semi-gloss natural look and feel that shows off the beauty of the wood. But, there's an added bonus with this uke, a new breakthrough in fun.

    The pickup system is a new collaboration from Leolani and Double. It's an under saddle active pickup system that sounds great for amplifying or recording, but it's much more than that. It gives you really beautiful effects; reverb, chorus, and delay and they are adjustable and tasteful. You can use them plugged in OR NOT plugged in! Even without plugging in, playing with the effects is great! It ranges from fun to inspiring and we think you're gonna love it!

    Kalei goes over this new instrument along with the electronics and options. 

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  3. Gig Bag Package Add On
  4. Romero Creations Mahogany Concert (C-M 9016)

    Regular Price: $699.00

    Special Price: $629.00

    Big Tenor Tone in a Concert Scale!

    This is a new all solid wood concert from Pepe Romero Jr. with a huge tone and wonderful feel. The design and sound are different than any other concert we've experienced! 

    Corey and Kalei give this newly designed soprano a sample. Pictures show the exact ukulele available here. Video shows the same model. 

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  5. Pono Mango Tenor (MGT 8939)

    Regular Price: $499.00

    Special Price: $399.00

    Pono MGT - Mango Tenor

    Quarter Sawn Solid Mango Wood -Satin Finish

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  6. Pono Mango Deluxe Concert Pineapple (MGCDP 7999)

    Regular Price: $549.00

    Special Price: $439.00

    Our sound samples are completely dry so use quality speakers or headphones for the most accurate listening.

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  7. Ukulele Songbook
    This terrific collection for beginning to advanced ukulele players features easy arrangements of 50 great songs, in standard notation and uke tablature. This great resource also teaches popular strum patterns and how to tune the uke. Learn More
  8. Kala Solid Mahogany Tenor Scallop Cutaway (KA-SMHT-SC)

    Regular Price: $494.99

    Special Price: $359.99

    This is the newest model from Kala's special edition scallp series. It features all solid mahogany with rosewood appointments including a smooth scoop cutaway normally only seen in high end custom ukes. It has a beautiful gloss finish and a wonderful sweet tone we think you'll love. Take a listen as Kalei gives a "raw" sound sample of this new tenor.

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  9. Kala Solid Cedar Top 5 String Tenor (KA-ATP5-CTG)

    Regular Price: $389.99

    Special Price: $289.99

    This is a new tenor from Kala and it sounds and looks absolutely amazing! You would be hard pressed to find a better ukulele at this price, and with our setup and quality control you can't go wrong. This could very well may be just what you were looking for. These will not last more than a month or two so grab one now. We guarantee you will love it!

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  10. Kala KA-SSTU-TE Travel Tenor Pack w/NEW B-Band Pickup

    Regular Price: $399.99

    Special Price: $289.99

    This is a new version of Kala's travel tenor with a pickup. It now has an active B-Band pickup system! What do we think of this pickup? We love it! We hope Kala uses it on every electric model because it's one of the best sounding pickups you will find! Get this uke before next years price increase. These pickups are not cheap! The price has got to go up. The quality surely has with this new pickup system!

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