Blackbird BTU Carbon Fiber Tenor

Blackbird BTU Carbon Fiber Tenor

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 Carbon-fiber- is extremely strong and light weight. It's very expensive. It's extremely durable. And recently it has been discovered for it's acoustic abilities. 

Blackbird has for many years been developing this to be the optimal acoustic instrument.  The effort for great tone they strive towards is truly being realized. 

Why not wood?

First off let's talk about the obvious advantages. Unlike other high quality ukuleles, this tenor can move from various climates and conditions with no worries of cracking due to dryness or other environmental issues . This one piece carbon fiber body and neck, retains the true acoustic qualities you need with a material tough enough to go camping with, or take on vacation. Or take to the party....

This model is the first all Carbon Fiber ukulele. Right now it's only made at a Boutique production level, so don't hesitate to add this road ready tenor to your collection!

On tour from Hawaii, the Ukulele first gained widespread recognition among stateside music fans at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Expo in San Francisco. Down-the-road and nearly a century later Blackbird Guitars is giving the Ukulele a 2010 reinvention with their proprietary hollow-neck, all-carbon fiber construction. This exceptionally loud and tonally rich instrument is as responsive as it is resilient and will inspire ukulele players to bring their music places no nice wood instrument should ever go—like the beach. The Blackbird Ukulele sets a new bar for a compact, lightweight, and tonally-satisfying travel instrument that is durable and immune to the humidity problems that impact its wooden counterparts.

This uke sounds great with a regular high G.  We would be glad to set it up that way for you at no extra charge. Just make a note in the special instructions at the bottom of the page. Otherwise this ukulele comes setup with a Low G.

Additional Information
  • Carbon Fiber strength and environmental stability
  • Tenor ukulele with a very strong voice
  • Resonance-driving hollow neck and head with sound port
  • Asymmetric Acoustic Design® with off-set sound-hole
  • 3D sculpted back for improved comfort and access
  • Custom made Gator deluxe gig bag

This includes the deluxe gig bag.

This instrument does not require a dehumidifier like other high end ukes.

Put a note in the special instructions if you want it strung with a high G at no extra charge or any specific setup instructions

Brand Blackbird
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Just fab!
I was lucky enough to obtain this beauty off eBay at a ridiculous price. It is stunning looking, the build quality is second to none, and it sounds great. I am looking forward to many hours of fun in places and climates that would normally be out of bounds to a Uke.

As I canoe and do other similar outdoor activities, it has been highlighted that this Uke if push comes to shove, and needs must could also be used for carry water, used as a paddle or when I capsize used as a buoyancy device, and then played. What more could one want from a Uke?
Review by uwan / (Posted on 8/1/2013)
Had me at hello
I've had this uke for one week now and I am absolutely in love!! It has exactly the sound I have been looking for in a ukulele. Warm tones, cool design. It is perfect for me and I am so glad I didn't talk myself out of the purchase.
Review by Bren B / (Posted on 1/18/2013)
Extraordinary Sustain, Clear Highs, Deep Bass.
Mine came strung with a Low G. Instrument is very bassy, and extremely easy to play. Frets are smooth, and the finishing good. Sustain for this uke is extraordinary and the high ends are clear. Definitely one of my favourite ukes. Added plus that this came with a MiSi Trio.

Hollow neck, unique sound port, specially moulded... this uke is definitely one of a kind. And made in CF, it makes it all the more safer to realise this uke as a true blue beach instrument!
Review by Alex / (Posted on 12/26/2012)
A rocker uke.
This uke not only looks really cool but it sounds really cool. If people close their eyes, they cannot tell the difference between the fiber carbon and koa helps if they have been imbibing a little. Great for travelling and great for rocking out. I am a 70 year old grandma and it really impresses my grandchildren when I bring this one out. It is a beauty to look at and to play. Amplified it is a gem. Strongly recommend it not only as a novelty but as an everyday work horse. It is a pleasure to own and play.
Review by Sheilia / (Posted on 12/26/2012)

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