AUCTION: Moore Bettah Custom Tenor (#1815 Ulu/ "The Tree" Mahogany)

AUCTION: Moore Bettah Custom Tenor (#1815 Ulu/ "The Tree" Mahogany)

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AUCTION: New Moore Bettah Custom Tenor

If you are a fan of great ukes then you most likely know of Big Island luthier Chuck Moore and Moore Bettah Ukuleles. Even though we know Moore Bettah Ukuleles to be consistently incredible, each one is a unique piece of timeless art with a gorgeous tone and effortless play-ability. With recent volcanic activity and nature's challenges Chuck was not able to build as much as he'd like this year. But he came back better than ever with this masterpiece.

This ukulele features world class inlay art of iconic images from the island. On the headstock you have a beautiful wahine created with the unique art of scrimshaw, leaning against a super cool tiki, made with various koa woods, in a gorgeous beach setting made with a variety of stained woods and acrylic and composite stone that Chuck makes. The fretboard features a stained maple wood Hawaiian hibiscus (สปAkiohala) flower, a beauty of nature that is synonymous with Hawai’i, also seen at the edge of the flamed koa rosette. Simply stunning one of a kind art workt!

But Moore Bettah Ukuleles are not the most sought after custom ukes simply because of their beauty to the eye. As Corey points out in his review, the sound is equally mind-blowing. This one is exceptional with an ulu wood (breadfruit tree) soundboard. The density of ulu wood sits in between spruce and mahogany, sharing both the power and warmth of these popular tonewoods. This is paired with the most eye popping mahogany you could imagine from "The Tree". (More on this special wood below). First, take a listen as Corey gives us a "raw" sound sample and review of this ukulele.

Audio recording is not compressed or mastered. To hear the most accurate tone use quality speakers or headphones.

Framing off the body, sideport, neck, and faceplate is mastergrade koa binding. This really "pops", especially against the striking quilted mahogany, some of the nicest wood to come from "The Tree". What is "The Tree"?

"The Tree" is a famous mahogany tree cut in the Honduras’ Chicibul Jungle in 1965. It was huge with a magnificent spiraling bark and loggers knew it would be amazing and, though it was in a crazy part of the jungle, they went for it. But they couldn't get it out. It fell down a ravine. Other people came and tried and no one could get it out for 18 years. As you know, it did have amazing figure but it also has more density and properties of rosewood in it's tone as well. Because of this, and it's scarcity, it became the most sought after wood for custom guitars for years. Not much of this wood is still around but obviously Chuck got some uke sets and this wood really does make for a beautiful instrument in look and tone.

This is a very lightweight custom tenor ukulele with a strong balanced tone and incredible sustain and intonation all over the neck. On top of that it has the best feel you can imagine. Chuck does a world-class setup and this ukulele has low action without buzzing along with a carbon-fiber rod in the neck to ensure it maintains that perfect feel. Having an ukulele this easy to play with this wonderful of a sound is very special. Add in the original art and you have a real treasure.

Includes Oahu hardshell case, Oasis humidifier, and free shipping.

This is an auction and the details are below.

1. The auction will close on Saturday, October 13, 2016 at 3:30 pm Hawaii time.

2. This is an English format “open bid” auction. This means the bids are public and can be seen by others. The reserve price is $6925. Any price shown above this is the current prevailing bid. You must bid higher by at least $25.00.

3. You must log in to your TheUkuleleSite account to bid. If you don’t have an account, simply create one. From "My Account" and  under the "My Auction" tab you need to set your auction name and choose when you would like to be emailed. You can also cancel bids from there. 

4. You can bid a fixed amount, or choose Auto Bid. With Auto Bid, you set your maximum bid price and the system will bid as necessary on your behalf up to your Auto Bid maximum price.

5. We’re also including Going, Going, Gone to simulate a live auction with an auctioneer. With this feature, any new highest bid received in the final sixty [60] seconds will re-set a sixty [60] second window for new bids to be received. As long as a higher bid comes in, the Going, Going, Gone window will re-set again. This cycle will continue until the prevailing bid survives without being overbid within the sixty [60] second window.

6. When the auction ends, the highest bid received at or above the reserve price will be the winner. We must receive your bid for it to count.

7. The highest bid will be invoiced for the full value of the bid and have 24 hours from the invoice date to pay for their purchase in full. If the purchase price is not remitted by the deadline, Hawaii Music Supply may choose to offer the next highest bidder the opportunity to buy it at their final bid price.

8. Hawaii Music Supply reserves the right in its sole discretion to invalidate any bids that it determines have been made for the purpose of collusion or undermining the integrity of the auction. In such an event, Hawaii Music Supply may re-start or cancel the auction or choose to sell to any valid bidders. By entering this auction, all bidders agree that their bids are made with the intention to purchase the instrument featured in the auction at the price of their highest final bid. All bidders agree to avoid any coordination or collusion with other bidders.

Good luck and aloha!

Additional Information

Model: 4 string tenor #1815
Body materials: Da Tree Mahogany & bear claw spruce
Bracing: Top, Sitka spruce, 3 fan pattern. Back, Honduran mahogany
Binding: Koa
Purfling: B/Red/B
Neck: Spanish cedar (carbon fiber reinforced)
Head stock design: Standard
Inlay: Scrfimshawed faux ivory, dyed & natural woods, acrylic & composition
Side sound port: Upper bout
Fret board: Ebony
Frets: Evo-Gold
Bridge: Ebony
Rosette: Koa
Fret markers: Koa
Nut & saddle: Tusq
Tuners: Pegheds
Strings: MBU set- flatwound basses, fluorocarbon trebles

Options Includes a beautiful Ameritage case and an Oasis Humidifier. From the Accessories tab above you can add a pickup or other accessories at the time you are invoiced when you win the ukulele! Aloha!!
Brand Moore Bettah

Completed Auction

Bids: 78
Closing Price: $21,000.00
Winner: CnTX
Start Time: Oct 5, 2018 2:00:00 pm
Close Time: Oct 13, 2018 3:50:23 pm

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