Worth Strings - BS Brown Tenor Heavy (Double Set)

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Worth Strings - BS Brown Tenor Heavy (Double Set)

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Worth Brown Double Set for Tenor - Heavy -

Low G set is available here- BS-LG 

Worth Premium 100% Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings. This one package makes 2 sets. The strings are double length.

The most popular brown Worth set for tenor is the BT.  These are a little "beefier", give a bit more power to many tenors. But make sure yours was built with the ability to handle a higher tension string. When you try these out, if you see your top bulging more from behind the bridge then I would tune lower or change the set. Most likely you will be fine, but ask us or the maker of your ukulele if you are unsure.

Worth strings come in two colors, clear and brown. What's the difference? This is how Worth explains it-

The Clear color has two materials.
Clear type has basically a more sharp and projective sound than Brown ones.
On the other hand Brown one has a more mild and mellow sound than Clear ones.

This is the Brown, the equivalent heavy gauge in Clear is CH. 

Worth ukulele strings are unlike most other nylon ukulele strings as they are made from an expensive fluorocarbon material that improves intonation, note clarity, sustain. Made in Japan these strings have become a favorite for many players and builders. Try for yourself and see.

Heavy BS _ Brown and strong!

More power and more tension. 

63" total length


0260 (.66mm) - High G

0319 (.81mm) - C

0291 (.74mm) - E

0224 (.57mm) - A


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