Oasis Humidifier OH-32 ~ Now with Ukulele Clip

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Oasis Humidifier OH-32 ~ Now with Ukulele Clip

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While some people would think that a smaller instrument needs less humidification, you have to consider that the panels of wood on an ukulele are thinner than almost any other instrument. On top of that, the best instruments are often built lightly for an open resonance. These along with certain very hard woods require the proper environment even moreso. We are now offering this more effective humidifier for customers who frequently have 25% or lower relative humidity.

While the original Blue Oasis provides sufficient humidity in many environments, it is not as effective everywhere. If you are located in an extremely dry climate (20-25% RH), the OH-18 Ukulele humidifier may not provide sufficient humidity. If that is your situation, the OH-32 will do the job. It is the same as our OH-5, but comes with the ukulele stabilizer bar rather than a guitar stabilizer bar.The humidity demands of the desert, mountain states or in conditioned air (heating your home is the most extreme and often results in relative humidity below 10%), these all exceed the humidification capacity of the OH-18. 

The Plus+ is the same size and shape as the OH-18 original Blue Oasis for ukulele, but it's made of a different material which doubles humidity output. If you heat your house, you need this. If you are in the desert, you need this.

Because the Plus+ is the same size as the original Blue Oasis and it has a greater humidity output, it will be necessary to refill the Oasis® Plus+ more frequently than the original Blue Oasis.

If you're using a hygrometer, we recommend that the Oasis Plus+ be used when the room humidity is below 25%. The original Blue Oasis should be used when the surrounding room humidity is between 25-40%. Above, 40%, you should not be using a humidifier.

It is important also to monitor the humidity inside your instrument case. Case size, design, material and other factors will impact the humidity permeability of each case. While general rules are helpful, a good hygrometer located inside the instrument case will give you the best information regarding proper humidification requirements.

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Hand-crafted in America, Oasis® is the best solution to the challenge of ukulele humidification. You have made a significant investment in a quality instrument and it is important to protect that. It is far less expensive to have an effective, easy to use guitar humidifier than it is to repair a cracked instrument. Give Oasis® a try and you will see how well it works!


Many listings allow you to uprade from the Herco to this Oasis Humidifer. Check out the Ukulele Care link in the footer for more info!

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