GraphTech Ratio Ukulele Tuners (Set of 4)

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Regular Price: $35.99

Special Price: $29.99

GraphTech Ratio Ukulele Tuners (Set of 4)

Regular Price: $35.99

Special Price: $29.99

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The most affordable rear-facing geared tuners for ukulele! 

From GraphTech's website:

Ratio Guitar Machine Heads are being installed on more and more l major guitars, including Washburn, Martin, Framus, Riversong, and Fretlight.

This got us thinking, why are ukuleles such a pain to tune?  Ukuleles are so much different from guitars.  Ukes have a shorter scale, nylon strings and weigh a lot less. No wonder they are so hard to tune! Most ukes have heavy machine heads originally designed for guitar with a 14:1 or  16:1 gear ratio... !

The worlds lightest machine head, with a uke friendly 6:1 gear ratio! This super light, yet strong machine head makes ukes balanced, not headstock heavy, and with  zero back drive and zero backlash! 

The end result? Dare we say, an Ukulele that is fun to tune!

These lightweight planetary geared tuners are made out of a high density plastic and have a 6:1 gear ratio. A set of four weighs less than 3/4 ounce. 

The hole in the peghead to fit the bushing is 9mm in hardwood, 11/32” in softwood. A test hole in scrap wood is recommended. Peghead thickness 7/16” to 9/16”. Four bushings and eight tiny mounting screws are included.

We went over some of the questions you might have on our last video podcast (Hawaii Music Supply Youtube Episode 19.30) 

Video coming on installation.


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