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  1. Ukulele Pickup & Installation options starting @

    Choose a pickup for your ukulele. All choices include full installation and are to be bought along with an ukulele.

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  2. Strap Button Installed - Add On Option
    Traditional tapered round strap buttons, just like what you'll find on Fender and many other manufacturers instruments. This is an optional add on with the purchase of an ukulele and includes installation. Learn More
  3. Gotoh UPT Tuner w/ Optional Install

    Traditional ukulele tuners are are what they call "friction". This means that their ability to hold tune depends on the friction or tightness of the screw in the tuner. If you tighten the screw too much, it's hard to turn and tune, too loose and it turns easy, but also will slip out of tune. Also with the old style friction key there is no gear ratio, so small turns will make big changes in the pitch of your string. The UPT's are geared tuners,. The pitch will be held by gears, and these gears have a 4 to 1 ratio so fine tuning is much easier to dial in, or adjust. These are built extremely lightweight and with top notch components. We guarantee you will love these on your new ukulele.

    UPT Tuner FAQ (from JAPARTS.CA)

    Regarding string post length: There is an optional longer string post (UPTL) for headstocks with a thickness of 11.5 mm or more. There is no difference in price. Please measure your ukulele carefully before ordering.

    Will these fit my ukulele? If you are replacing friction pegs you will almost certainly need to have the peg holes re-bored. We can do that on ukuleles ordered from our webstie  The diameter should be 9.7-10mm or just a bit wider than 3/8". With regard to headstock thickness (see above) you'll need to measure your headstock.

    Do I need to tighten the screws like friction pegs? Yes and no. Let's start with the no: You probably won't need to make any kind of adjustment. But on the off-chance that you do (you'll know - the post would un-wind from string tension) it's easy to tighten to the right amount of tension. Which brings us to the yes: Technically, the planetary gear is engaged by the screw that holds the button in place. Unlike friction pegs, there is a very wide range of "works well".

    Tuning a ukulele with UPT planetary tuners is a pleasant experience. It may take you some time to get used to that.Why are some buttons more expensive than others?There are two main types of plastic buttons: molded ABS and carved acrylic. The molded ABS buttons (UBB, UBN, UB4B, UB4N) are solid colors without any variation. The acrylic buttons (JP1, JP2, UB5B, UB7, UB8) are carved from blocks of patterned material so that they can have a natural look, eg. ivoroid, pearloid, tortoise shell. The appearance, process, and material of the acrylic buttons adds to their cost. (JAPARTS.CA)

    Click here for the UPT/UPTL Shcematic Diagram

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  4. GraphTech Ratio Ukulele Tuners (Set of 4)

    Regular Price: $35.99

    Special Price: $29.99

    From GraphTech's website:

    Ratio Guitar Machine Heads are being installed on more and more l major guitars, including Washburn, Martin, Framus, Riversong, and Fretlight.

    This got us thinking, why are ukuleles such a pain to tune?  Ukuleles are so much different from guitars.  Ukes have a shorter scale, nylon strings and weigh a lot less. No wonder they are so hard to tune! Most ukes have heavy machine heads originally designed for guitar with a 14:1 or  16:1 gear ratio... !

    The worlds lightest machine head, with a uke friendly 6:1 gear ratio! This super light, yet strong machine head makes ukes balanced, not headstock heavy, and with  zero back drive and zero backlash! 

    The end result? Dare we say, an Ukulele that is fun to tune!

    MSRP $29.95

    Will these fit my ukulele? 

    Will these work to be installed on the ukulele I want to buy?

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  5. Double UO Ukulele Pickup w Optional Installation

    This is a new active pickup that has built-in effects. You can use it as a regular plugin pickup without effects. Or add reverb, delay, and chorus with onboard controls. AND you can implement these effects even without plugging in! 

    We go over this pickup in a Leolani uke.
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