Welcome to our website.We have an ongoing pursuit to give all of our customers around the world a great experience shopping, comparing, learning, and growing their love for the ukulele. Under free resources we have many lessons that's are freely available to you whether you shop with us or not so make sure you utilize these and let your friends know! In this site ther are over 300 videos demonstrating or comparing models, teaching how to play, and sharing the fun we have with the music on the ukulele. If you are a member of the old site we ask that you join the new newsletter which is not yet being sent but will go into effect very soon. We look forward to continue this year with many more lessons, lots of new reviews, and tons of sound samples.

Here is a new feature that some of you may find helpful.

Compare (you may already understand this feature, but if not....)

Typically you will be looking at ukes with certain criteria (Price, Brand, Size). When you narrow it down, but it's still hard to make the final call. Here's what you can do ...

  1. Hit the compare button for any of the models you are considering.
  2. Hit the compare button on the right sidebar.
  3. It will open a seperate window with all of those models next to each other. Their videos and descriptions will be side by side and you put bunches of them because it is a scrollable window. Obviously it is best to stop one video before starting another, but you can A - B compare. 

Short of coming down to the north shore shop and playing them yourself, this is the most effective way to compare models.  It's a growing effort from us to truly give you the best help in choosing an ukulele you will love. 

Best Viewing-

When you are seriously considering a model take the time to open it to the optimal view. From the picture thumbnails if you double click it will open a seperate window. If you pull that window to the side you can scroll through the full size images while you listen to the video and read about it. It will look something like this-



When buying an ukulele make sure you join as a customer because your customer page gives you all of your tracking info for shipping and will eventually be used for a points reward system. Find out your shipping cost by adding the product to your shopping cart. On your shopping cart page there is a tab at the bottom that says- Get a shipping quote- put in your location info it will give you a price. We don't make or plan on making our money on shipping so let us know if it seems unusual. Usually options to choose from and you can read more about our shipping by clicking. 

This website does not store credit card information but through Authorize.net we can process credit card payments.  This way you are not be required to call in or use PayPal if you don't want to. 

Is it in stock?  

On Ko'olau Custom order listings where you design your own custom to be built it will say in stock because that is the only way it will let someone purchase. But obviously it is not. Other than that, if it says "in stock" it should be. Once in a great while there is an error on our part. We are working on that being very rare. If it does occur you will get an email within one working day and will choose whichever option you will be happiest with.  

Where did it Go?

"I see a model one day and it's gone the next."  We are constantly showing new things and revising what we offer. But the search bar at the top shows more than the category navigation. Most of the instruments that are just out of stock shortly still be on the main pages. But higher end models or ones that will be out for long will be found with the search bar at the header. It shows more instruments than the category navigation. 

Our goal is to help you and make your visit easy and fun. We are regularly working to give you the best value and experience on the web.

If you find any web related errors we would love to hear from you and greatly appreciatte any correction offered. Aloha!

Andrew - andrew@theukulelesite.com

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