Pono MB - Mahogany Baritone

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  • Pono MB - Mahogany Baritone

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    This is a beautiful solid wood baritone now available in limited quantity.

    Over the past few years Ko'olau has been working along with some of the best professional luthiers out there. These instrument craftsman and artists were formerly building classical guitars. Ko'olau has taught them to make an amazing ukulele. Slowly, but consistently Ko'olau has improved the tone and feel of the Ponos'. The sound and feel of the Pono MB -(mahogany baritone) is a great example of that. Plus, it's made to last. It features only top notch solid woods, bone nut and saddle, high quality geared tuning keys, and a light weight, dual action, adjustable truss rod.

    The rosette is made of thicker, unstained wood strips. Beautiful but modest. The basic look is well-chosen. And the feel is easy and smooth.This instrument is like a vintage Martin baritone, but without staining the wood. The Ponos look and feel amongst the best. This is great value on a professional level baritone.

    Photos and video show stock typical.

     The baritone is a fun and relaxing instrument that any guitar or ukulele player should feel right at home with.

    Additional Information

    Solid Mahogany top, back, and sides.

    Rosewood faceplate, fingerboard, and bridge.

    Rope marquetry rosette, pearl logo and fingerboard position dots.

    Bone nut and saddle. Satin finish.

    • Total length: 30”
    • Body Length: 14”
    • Body width/Upper bout/Lower bout: 7-9/16” 10-1/16”
    • Body Depth upper bout/Lower bout: 2-11/16” 3-3/16”
    • Fingerboard width at nut and 12th fret: 1-3/8” 1-13/16”
    • Soundhole diameter: 2-7/8”
    • Scale length: 20-1/8”


    When you buy this ukulele you can get a UkeCrazy gig bag or canvas covered hard case at an additional discount.  (Not required but suggested.) The UkeCrazy gig bag and canvas covered hard case can be seen in our cases category under the accessories tab at the top of this page. Other cases can also be chosen there. 

    One of the options for this ukulele is to trade out the Herco HE-360, included humidifier, for the more expensive Oasis Ukulele Humidifier (OH-18) at a discount. This is required if you live in a low humidity area.(parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, etc..) or also areas with winter seasons, especially if you are heating the air in your house. For more info refer to the ukulele care link at the bottom of this page. If you think you need to humidify the instrument, then you also need a hard case for a humidifier to properly work, and you need to maintain the humidifier by refilling it as needed. 

    Put a note in the special instructions if you need to or would like to let our setup or shipping department know anything. 

    After adding this instrument to your cart, you can still create your own package by adding a case or accessories from the website.

    Under the accessories tab you can also customize this instrument by adding strap button(s) or your choice of pickup for plugging in. 

    Get a free shipping quote by adding this to your cart. If your cart reaches $400 dollars or more, orders to the US will receive free FedEX 2 day shipping. 2 days is the time in transit, your instrument will first go through our setup department so that you get the best instrument for your money. For more information on our setup process, turnaround time, shipping, and return policies, refer to the links below at our footer.

    All Pono tenor and baritone ukuleles come with a lightweight dual action adjustable truss rod. This video explains that feature and gives directions if you ever need to adjust it.


    Brand Pono
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    Review by Curtispn / (Posted on 1/28/2017)
    I love this ukulele! Buy it! Thanks to the people at HMS!
    Beautiful baritone ukulele! Sound projects well and it was setup with low action, just the way I like it. Barre chords are a breeze! Instrument plays very well!
    Review by Becky / (Posted on 5/23/2016)
    My First Baritone
    HMS, as usual, delivered an excellent instrument. The intonation is excellent. The finish is perfect. I've been playing minor chord folk songs and old school jazz standards most of the afternoon, and boy does this baby enhance my meager talents. The MB is the epitome of mellow. The build is balanced, but I would still recommend using a strap. The Mahana strings are giving me the sound I was craving. After drifting from store to store, playing a wide variety of baritones (laminate, solid top, and solid wood, Kalas and Cordobas), as well as scouring YouTube for videos, I concluded the MB was by far the best choice, assuming I didn't go full bore K-brand. And yes, I ordered through HMS because I wanted the set-up.
    Review by Middle-Aged Ukulele Lad / (Posted on 10/16/2014)
    cant go wrong with a pono from HMS
    Very beautiful, rich sound from this baritone. Nice bell like tone when finger picked and nice deep full sound when strummed. The neck is comfortable size and shape, not too chunky or slender, just right! The setup was perfect, low action and so easy to use, no sharp edges.

    I wasnt overly fond of the strings that came with it but I found that once I put some flourocarbon strings on it and used the aluminum wound Koolau C string from a tenor set as the G, then it really had the sound I was looking for.
    Review by tim / (Posted on 7/24/2014)
    Great Quality and Price
    Great Service from http://www.theukulelesite.com and Pono have produced a superb Baritone Ukulele at a great Price
    Review by Dunn / (Posted on 7/16/2013)
    Great intonation, build quality and sound and the Pono pickup is one of the most natural sounding pickups I've ever tried on a uke.
    I've owned several other baritone ukes over the years, including Lanikai and Kala which are nice sounding baritones in their own right, but this Pono MB Baritone is definitely a step up. The intonation is excellent! And this uke really resonates with a nice warm, clear tone. One area where you notice a difference between this baritone and some of the less expensive ones is when you start playing up the neck. Its easier to play bar chords up the neck on the Pono and have the notes remain clear and punchy with the intonation staying spot on.

    I had HMS install the Pono passive barione pickup. The sound is the most natural sounding ukulele pickup I've ever heard. This passive pickup blows away the cheap active pickups installed on my lower end ukes. I use it with a Roland AC-33 acoustic guitar amplifier and I get plenty of volume and tone with it. I'm very happy with this purchase and with the HMS setup.
    Review by Christopher / (Posted on 12/30/2012)
    Beautiful Tone
    I got the Pono MB this last fall on an impulse, and I lliked it so much I asked my wife for a Pono Tenor for Christmas. I couldn't be happier. It came in a terrific hard shell case that fits it like a glove. It has a nice satin finish, quality tuners, and was set up and in perfect tune when I took it out of the case. The solid mahogany doesn't disappoint. Both the feel and the rich full tone of this instrument exceeded my expectations. My buddy plays a Gibson acoustic, and he was blown away by the quality construction and wonderful sounds coming out of this "ukulele". I had him try it out so I could have a better listen, and five minutes later this guitar purist was seriously considering getting one for himself. It is fun to play, and would make a great travel "guitar" or starter guitar for a child. Or a really nice Baritone Uke.
    Review by BBert / (Posted on 12/26/2012)
    Very Nice Ukulele
    I love this uke. :-) I has a nice mellow tone. Good quality, clear sound from low notes to high. The best part is the ease of play. Takes very little pressure on the fret board to get notes and chords.
    Review by obandt / (Posted on 12/26/2012)
    Beautiful Quality
    Baritone is the way to go. Pono is the way to go. I spent months researching ukuleles through websites, personal interviews, online reviews, videos, and blogs, all of which pointed me to the Pono MB Baritone. Why choose baritone? It's a unique sound and look that will captivate your audience's attention. It's also a two-in-one ukulele. The baritone tuning is similar to the higher strings of a guitar (DGBE), just add a capo on the 5th fret and the tuning is now a tenor ukulele (GCEA). This is perfect for performing.

    I have now had this ukulele for two years. It has held up through my band's travels and consistent schedule. It has stayed true to sound (especially with Ko'olau Mahana Baritone Strings). Keep it humidified! These ukuleles come from the enriched humidified land of Hawaii - going from Hawaii to Colorado can effect the ukulele, especially without humidification. The Pono MB Baritone is the way to go. I have done the research for you, this ukulele is hard to beat.
    Review by samgoldenmusic / (Posted on 12/25/2012)
    Let's try a BARITONE!
    I play guitar so it was inevitable I would want to try a Baritone Uke with DGBE tuning. However, not knowing if I would really like it I decided to buy the Pono MB and not make a huge investment. Or if I really liked it I would upgrade to one of the Pono Pro models later. The MB is an absolute gem. I tune it down a half step to match my voice range and the 5 to 6 second sustain on Ko'olau strings is more than enough. Don't feel any need to upgrade. Totally happy with this Bari.
    Review by Kirk / (Posted on 12/25/2012)
    Wasn't sure I would like a Baritone but I wanted to try one because I also play guitar and the DGBE tuning appealed to me. I am familiar with Pono quality and especially HMS setup which is a great bonus so I knew it would be a good value. This instrument is better than I expected. Simple, flawless construction. I tune mine down a half step for an easy, mellow sound and long sustain.
    Review by Kirk / (Posted on 12/25/2012)
    I received my Pono MB in Québec in less than a week. It didn't' come with the announced case but I received it in a couple of days after a simple e-mail. I changed the strings for all-metal Guadelupe (IMO more convenient for the verry expresive mahogany). Great uke!
    Review by Duprélélé / (Posted on 12/24/2012)
    Perfect Niche
    This is not a custom ukulele, and it is not a "Made in Hawaii" by Hawaiians ukulele. If you can live with these two facts, then I'd argue this is the best (and really, this extends to all Ponos) ukulele on the market. Here's why:

    1. The Tone. It's consistent and resonant. The basses are unmuddied, and the trebles are clear. You don't have to be a great player to notice it.

    2. The Build. It's not the lightest uke, but it's well balanced, cleanly built and expertly set-up (HMS!). For someone who doesn't care about bling, it's form follows function perfected.

    3. The Neck. It's beefier than Ohana's and Mainland's but not as wide and flat as Kanilea's Islander. For me, it's the easiest, most comfortable neck to play, especially barre chords.

    4. The Price. If you compare it to other imports, you'll pay a little bit more for a lot more uke.

    I've owned all the brands mentioned above (although not all baritones) and a few customs. For me, Pono is the best option short of a custom or Hawaiian made ukulele. If I were smarter, I would have bought a Pono sooner!
    Review by connor013 / (Posted on 12/24/2012)
    Review of the Pono MB Baritone
    Mine was purchased as a Micro-Blemished model for a substantial savings. The two cosmetic blemishes were very minor and did not have any functional effect & the rest of the fit and finish are very good. It has open geared tuners & there can be a bit of play in them. After the strings settled in, I found that the "B" string at the 3rd fret did not ring well, so I contacted Andrew. He responded very quickly & gave me suggestions about truss rod adjustment & said that I may need to ship it back so they could work on it. Andrew also extended my return period and sent me a new set of Ko'olau strings. I am not sure what did the trick, minor truss rod tweaks or the strings (like another reviewer, I am now using Southcoast Linear strings, tuned DGBE), but it is sounding good now … thanks for your persistence Andrew!
    Review by DougN / (Posted on 12/24/2012)
    Great ukulele
    Purchased a MB last summer to see if I liked a baritone. All I can say is that I absolutely love it. The build quality and sound had me at Hello. My brother in law who is a professional musician and also has a baritone was impressed by the sound. I have a hard time picking up my concert these days but this baritone I a great compliment to my Koaloha.
    Review by Walter / (Posted on 12/23/2012)
    Tough to Beat!
    I got this baritone from HMS a little over six months ago, and I am very pleased with it. It plays like a dream, and sounds just as good as the demo sound clip here on the site. HMS does a great job, not only in answering questions and customer service, but the set up of my Pono was perfect. Andrew was a help discussing string and tuning selection, and after trying several different brands, I am currently using, and very happy with Southcoast, non-wound linear lowGCEA.
    This ukulele is a great value - if you are looking for a baritone, in this price range, nothing else comes close.
    Review by GregT / (Posted on 8/11/2012)

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