Kala SMHT - Solid Mahogany Tenor

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The SMHT is the best priced solid wood Martin T-1 style Tenor on the market. It looks and sounds just like the classic Martin! Something about an all solid Mahogany tenor is hard to beat.

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Kala KA-SMHT -All Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

Now with a Slotted headstock!

A very solid construction, but still relatively light in weight and with excellent balance. It is obvious that Kala has their best builders making this series because the routing for bindings and purflings is very precise, beating out the competition in this price range with meticulous quality. This all solid tenor is a great place to start your musical endeavor with the ukulele or a great step up from a laminate instrument.

We are not a marketing focused company. We spend much more time behind a bench making ukes like this one play and feel great. We set up each instrument to ensure you get the absolute best for your money! This includes Saddle and Nut heights, Fret work (usually planing or "dressing"), intonation checks, and a thorough inspection for cosmetic flaw. This is crucial for this middle price range where you can really get close to a high end tenor feel from our work. And always, we are dedicated to giving you honest and expert service and advice!

Voiced to be articulate and still full, this tenor ukulele will give you everything you need. After it goes through our custom setup this model is definitely the model to beat in the under $300 range. Something about an all solid Mahogany tenor is hard to beat. When done right, like the SMHT, it gives a warm full mid-range tone that will have you grabbing your uke and loving the sound! If you just have a starter ukulele step up to an all solid wood one like this and you will truly hear a big difference! Couple that with the setup work we put into it and you will love the Sound and the Feel!!

We always include a humidifier with solid wood instruments. However, if you live in a dry area or use indoor heating or cooling for part of the year, please upgrade to the Oasis humidifier to properly protect this solid wood ukulele.

Additional Information
Brand Kala

Solid mahogany top, back, and sides. Rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Wood bindings and rosette, pearl fingerboard position dots. Ebony nut and saddle. Satin finish.

Prices noted DO NOT include case

Model: Kala Solid

Mahogany Tenor

You can customize your order in many ways. The only addition we strongly recommend is a case or a gig bag. You can get this Canvas Hard Case: [Pic 1
Canvas Hard Case
, Pic 2
Canvas Hard Case
] A Gig Bag is available as an option as well: [Pic 1
Gig Bag
] still offering some protection and the convenience of a carry case.

 still offering some protection and the convenience of a carry case.    There are add-on packages for beginners or plenty of accessories to choose from. If you prefer a certain string set that the ukulele does not come with, then buy the strings you want from strings section of the site, and let us know (under Special Instructions) you want those on the uke. If you simply want your instrument to be a low g instead of high, it is no extra charge. If you are not sure, then check out this video blog - Comparing Hi G with Low G.  

If you want this model with a pickup your best option is to get the Kala SMHT-CE

Regular Price: $349.99

Special Price: $244.99

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